Residential Security

C-cure Systems are a premium grade service provider that cater only for the quality conscious home owner and body corporate services.

Residential services at a glance:

While predominantly well known for its reputation in the commercial and corporate sectors Our residential services were put forward to provide the astute home owner an alternative in the market place for a quality outcome.

We don’t enter price wars with our competition and do not concern ourselves with price matching. We stand to offer our brand of service above that of the general market place and cater to those seeking an alternative.


Installation and Servicing the Bosch Solution solution range for most domestic applications.



C-cure Back to base ALARM MONITORING, is a pure performance driven service. There are no lock in time based contracts. No hidden fees or catches. You own your equipment outright and have access to all the programming codes from handover. Many extras such as emailed weekly reports are included as standard in our monitoring package. 4G GPRS communicators which will ensure your system is NBN ready.



C-cure home CCTV camera surveillance systems: Be aware not all CCTV systems are created equal.  The market is flooded with low cost DIY kits and these offer no comparison to the professional grade equipment. The key is choosing sensible equipment that will provide high quality images under all conditions and with the expectation that it will keep performing well out of the warranty.


Smoke Detection: Smoke detectors are excellent at providing notification of a fire while your home but how would you know about one if you weren’t. Hard wired commercial grade smoke detectors connected to your alarm system can provide instant notification of a possible fire or smoke allowing you to responded to the event straight away.


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