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Announcing Better Air Quality Monitoring with Verkada

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Since launch, Verkada’s Environmental Sensor has helped organizations like schools, businesses, and libraries keep their indoor environments safe.

These organizations turn to Verkada Sensors to monitor, manage and alert on environmental conditions and anomalies. In the last two years alone, we have sent over 600,000 vape events, 150,000 temperature events and numerous others across our customer base. On average, Verkada Sensors send an alert every 26 seconds.

With the strength and adoption of Verkada’s Environmental Sensor, customers have asked for even more ways to keep their indoor environments safe, healthy and sustainable. With input from our customers, we are excited to announce our next generation lineup of Environmental Sensors: the SV20 Air Quality Sensor Series.

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Better Air Quality Monitoring with Verkada

ike the rest of the Verkada lineup, the Verkada SV20 Series Air Quality Sensors are simple to install, scale and customize, giving you everything you need to ensure safe air quality and elevate building performance. The Verkada lineup includes easy-to-install sensor devices, simplified cloud setup and management in Verkada Command, and intuitive air quality tools to help you monitor and alert on air quality essentials.

Starting with simple-to-install PoE devices, Verkada allows organizations to deploy sensors across a range of environments in minutes. Once installed, Verkada Command functions as your management hub for devices, alerts, Verkada Camera and Alarm integrations, proactive building improvements and more.

In addition to monitoring air quality conditions, Verkada SV20 Series Sensors make it easy to display Air Quality fundamentals across all of your facilities. Starting with Command, users can configure custom dashboards to display and visualize air quality information with powerful, intuitive dashboards. Dashboards can be viewed through the Command web application, and can be displayed on various third party screens and devices including TV monitors, tablets and more.

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