Alarm Monitoring

C-cure No contract Back to Base Alarm Monitoring.

One of the best ways to protect your business, building or home is with back to base alarm monitoring and it’s very straight forward with C-cure:


Alarm Monitoring Gold Coast

  • No time-based lock in contracts – a pure performance driven service.
  • Alarm monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Monitoring is done by a dedicated monitoring room that is fully licensed to provide this service across all states.
  • Only your preferred alarm event procedures will be followed.
  • Emailed history reports available at no extra cost.
  • A range of monitoring options including PSTN, TCIP, 3 and 4G GPRS and Grade A1.
  • Insurance Policy approved.
  • Daily or weekly auto test reports.
  • 70 seconds, 1 hour or 12 hour GPRS polling options
  • Various company options for Patrol alarm response.
  • Billed per quarter.


  • NBN ready: Most alarm systems wont be able to dial out over NBN lines. C-cure have a range of 3 and 4G GPRS options. These units basically remove the need for a phone line to the alarm panel and send the alarm panel communications over the data network via multiple redundant paths. Single and dual sim card units to choose from along with various polling options allow you to scale the level of security you need and the monthly monitoring cost.You can also arm and disarm your Alarm system via a smart phone app when using a 3G GPRS.No cut phone lines:The new Permacon PM45-3G single sim 12 hour polling is the most cost effective unit in replacing standard phone line alarm monitoring. A set $44 plus GST per month means no phone line rental, no call costs and no extra charges.

    A fixed monthly fee starting from $44 plus GST will provide you with a far more elevated level of security than that of the PSTN phone line.

    Alarm response patrols.

    C-cure work closely with several major Patrol response companies. When a request is sent though from the monitoring rom for a patrol the monitoring room has various options based on who is closest to attend in the shortest time.

    Getting started:

    If you know your installer and master codes C-cure No contract monitoring can be set up in less than 20 minutes and there are no costs to have it set up or swapped over. GPRS option requires unit purchase cost only. If you don’t know these codes then there may be a re-programming fee involved depending on the size of the system.


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